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How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost in Boise, Idaho?

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Idaho Storage Connection provides self-storage options across Boise, featuring conveniently located facilities and a broad selection of unit sizes to accommodate your storage needs. With our focus on customer satisfaction and maintaining clean, well-managed spaces, we are the preferred choice for both personal and business storage solutions in Boise. Discover our services' ease and flexibility, ensuring your items are well-kept and accessible whenever you need them.

The cost of a storage unit in Boise can fluctuate based on several elements, such as unit size, facility location, and additional services provided. Idaho Storage Connection offers flexible month-to-month rentals, and online bill pay, accommodating your needs.

storage cost in boise

Where to Find The Best Self Storage Units in Boise?

Finding the best self-storage units in Boise is simple with Idaho Storage Connection. Our facilities are conveniently located across the city, close to major roads and in various neighborhoods, making it easy to access your storage unit no matter where you are or where you’re going in Boise.

Our sites, including Joplin, Joplin II, Franklin, and NorthEast Boise, have advanced features such as video surveillance, gated access, fully fenced perimeters, and brightly lit surroundings to protect your belongings. Each unit is secured by your personal padlock, which ensures only authorized individuals can access your space.

Our customer feedback highlights our exceptional customer service and clean and reliable facilities:

“From the moment we needed storage to when it was no longer needed, Idaho Storage Connection was absolutely perfect. Clean, well maintained, secure, safe, and the friendliest and also professional managers/office staff make the whole time there a true pleasure.

Thank you for it all.

If you have storage needs, I highly recommend Idaho Storage.”


“I have been very pleased with my experience at Idaho Storage Connection. The staff is available, friendly, and helpful. It has been a very convenient storage unit for our family and has had no problems with keeping our things dry and safe. I can highly recommend them.”


Idaho Storage Connection is recognized as a leading provider of self-storage solutions in Boise, catering to all your storage needs.

storage cost in boise

What Size of Storage Units Does Idaho Storage Connection Have?

Idaho Storage Connection’s Boise locations offer a variety of storage unit sizes to accommodate any need, ranging from compact 5 x 5 units, perfect for storing boxes and small furniture, to expansive 10 x 30 units capable of holding belongings from a sizable multi-bedroom home. Prices for these units vary according to size, ensuring you can find an option that fits both your space needs and budget.

Determining the ideal size for your storage requirements can be made easier by listing the items you plan to store or by using an online space calculator for a precise estimate. Our on-site team is available to provide personalized unit size recommendations, ensuring you secure the right amount of space without overpaying for surplus square footage.

What Can You Put in a Self-Storage Unit?

Idaho Storage Connection offers versatile self-storage units perfect for a wide range of items, ensuring your belongings are securely stored away. These units are ideal for household goods, including furniture, seasonal decorations, sporting equipment, and personal items, providing a practical solution for decluttering your space, managing a move, or storing precious keepsakes. Idaho Storage Connection also offers storage units to accommodate larger items such as vehicles, boats, and RVs.

However, it's important to note that certain items, such as perishable foods, flammable materials, hazardous chemicals, illegal items, and living things, are prohibited from storage. To make the most out of your storage space, it's recommended to utilize shelving units for better organization, label all boxes for quick retrieval, and strategically place frequently used items near the unit's entrance for easy access.

Contact Idaho Storage Connection For Boise Storage

Seeking a reliable storage solution in Boise? Idaho Storage Connection is here to help. With four convenient locations in Boise, we've proudly served as your local storage provider since 1994.

Our facilities are clean, secure, and easy to access, designed to meet all your storage needs, from small personal items to large vehicles. Prioritize the protection and accessibility of your belongings with us. Contact us to discover the ideal storage option at Idaho Storage Connection, where we treat your items with utmost care.

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